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My story

I am a wife, mother grandmother.  I am a daughter of the King.
    I have been given many years of wonderful adventures and since I came to know Christ, that world has become even more beautiful.
  Now at the time of life that gives me the chance to face the challenge of being "retired", I am enjoying the opportunity relax a bit, without the working around tight schedules.  
   With that in mind, one goal I have set for this time is to reach out to many who are looking for more enjoyment and leisure 
activities in their lives.
     Creative pursuits open up a whole new world for many, while often tapping potential talents that may never have had exposed.  
     Art and crafting always been a large part of my life, and hopefully many will be inspired to reach out of their comfort zones to try new activities, like art, crafts and create for the fun of it. 

Carol Jordan

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